Paper & Ink



While there are infinite options for custom suites, semi-custom suites come in sixteen ink options. All of these can be used for any printing method, but the hues will vary between the three methods.



Indigo Creative Paperie can print in three different methods.

Flat Print, shown on the top. Digital printing is the process of printing digital images directly on to the cotton paper, making the process highly efficient.

Letterpress, shown to the right in the center. A plate is made with your design, coated in ink, and pressed into the cotton paper. This results in an impression that will wow your guests.

Engraving, shown in the back. A plate is made with your design, filled with ink, and pushed to the cotton paper. This results in a raised ink that is timeless and tasteful.



For semi-custom orders, we utilize two shades of 100% cotton paper. We offer both Bright White and Ivory in each design.



Most semi-custom designs come in two paper weights (with the exception of engraved designs).

There is single thick and double thick papers, shown on the right, with the single thick laying on top.