• Proofing

    It is your responsibility to carefully review your proofs for any error. That includes: spelling, layout, website URLS, phone numbers, directions, etc. Once you give your final approval any errors are corrected at your expense.

    You must sign and return the last page of the proof to begin production. Your signature confirms that you approve all materials and quantities, as well as the design and text.

  • Delays

    Indigo Creative is not responsible for order delays that may occur due to certain paper/products being out of stock, emergencies, or other uncontrollable circumstances. We will notify you of any delays as soon as possible, within reason, and will provide you with alternatives that may be available. (For example, envelope color, style, or brand, might be something we can change.). 

  • Quantities

    Most styles of invitations must be ordered in sets of 25. It is recommended that you order a minimum of 10 extra for keepsakes and any last minute guests.